Holidays and high-tech equipment: avoid breakage or theft with these few accessories

You can’t go on a trip without your smartphone for communication, your camera for memories, and various other devices that are both useful and fragile, but a simple clumsiness can destroy these items and ruin your vacation at the same time… So to avoid this, here are some tips and shopping ideas to keep in mind.

Manufacturers are making increasing efforts to make their high-tech equipment robust and resistant to weather, water, friction, heat and dust, but despite these good arguments, some holidaymakers are quickly disillusioned to see their equipment destroyed by moisture or excessive dirt, for example.

So even if you’re confident that you’ve invested in good quality new and second-hand items, you’d better take steps to protect them, because promises of waterproofing and durability are unfortunately not always kept. Here are a few tips and accessories that won’t cost you a lot of money, but will help you avoid many bad experiences during the summer.

Beware of water and immersion

First of all, not all smartphones are certified water-resistant: to find out what’s on your side, take a look at the IP rating followed by two numbers (the first is solid resistance, the second is liquid resistance – they range from 1 to 9).

For top-of-the-range phones, we reach IP68 waterproofness levels (Samsung Galaxy S20, iPhone 11, Huawei P40 Pro), but on phones under $300, we clearly cannot expect waterproofness: even splashes are a risk.

Whatever the IP rating of your phone, we simply advise you to buy a waterproof pouch in which to place it when you’re at the beach or near the pool, and you can continue to use the touch screen out of the water with it, which will satisfy social network addicts.

Hard disks, often fragile, and their data

To be able to watch movies at night or on rainy days, or even transfer your photos directly and save space on your SD cards, you may want to take your external hard drive with you, but keep in mind that this is a potentially fragile part, especially if it’s not an SSD.

Simply dropping a hard drive while it’s running (or just after you turn it off, for example) can result in the loss of all data, as the drive “spins” and the mechanisms are likely to be damaged in the event of a shock, so don’t hesitate to place your drive in a specially designed case to protect both your equipment and your files.

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